About us : Offices

ETPPM operates out of its main office in the capital Tunis with approximately 130 square meters of office space.

Our office is located in montplasir in convenient and easily accessible area and is within 2km from the Tunis-Carthage International airport.

CAD & Computer Facilities
ETPPM makes extensive use of computer facilities for both engineering design and drafting functions. Virtually all ETTPM's engineering documents are performed with the aid of computers. All engineers have access through PC workstations to the company internal network ( Intranet ).
Project planning is supported by project scheduling and planning software. A detailed project including the project schedule, resource allocation and detailed project reports.  Drafting functions are performed almost exclusively with AutoCAD software. Material take-offs and requisition preparations are performed to a great extent with CAD related software utility programs.

Communication Facilities
ETPPM has all the communication facilities and services available including e-mail and modem for rapid transfer of electronic documents and CAD drawing. Additionally the head office and all Site construction are equipped with fax, telephone facilities featuring the latest up-to-date equipment.

Quality Assurance / Quality Control
SACNA operates a quality management System according to the requirement of International Norms which ensures that all stages of a Project Work Scope including Design, Procurement and Construction are controlled and verified to ensure compliance with Client, Company and State of the Art requirements.

ETPPM is strongly committed to its comprehensive safety program encompassing office, shop, and field personnel. Top management demonstrates their commitment by monitoring progress, implementing improvement and continuoustly reporting the status of safety program.

Work Force
ETPPM employs over 100 cratsmen and maintains a staff of qualified managers, engineers ETPPM is working arrangements with a number of highly qualified and specialized partners and consultancies in the field of our activities to further broaden our high quality skill base.
These resources can be deployed as requirements of a project dictates, enabling ETPPM to deliver targeted services as economically as possible.